About Us

We wish we had a dreamy story to share about how we came to be, but our founding tale is simply the result of a quest for what makes us smile at the end of the day. 

It was born out of a love for all things Indian, all things beautiful. The profusion of creativity, aesthetics and design this country has to offer while being incredibly diverse, is also under-discovered for the most part. In 2018, when The Bodhi Maram took form and shape - it was after a journey of soul searching, much on-ground work in the  underbelly of the Indian artisan network, and many explorative journeys through streets, studios, workshops and karigar houses across India.

We didn’t want to merely bring the work of our talented artisans out of their curtained stores and workshops. Rather we want to work directly with them and be the single point medium between the end customer and the artisan. This way, we get to carefully curate our collection and stick to our one single rule – sell what you would buywear. We wanted to adopt a traditional yet contemporary representation of the Indian aesthetic and ethos, and in the process, make our products great storytellers. 

The Team

TBM, as we call ourselves, is primarily a mother-daughter duo, with collaborators spanning four generations of women in the family. All of 4 and a half, we take our tiniest team member rather seriously and love how she thinks when it comes to patterns and pairing.

We have incidentally also become a woman driven project with our designers, photographers, models, advisors, writer, stylist – all being women! And of course, the very helpful men too. Passion for all things Indian and to the be the best version of us for YOU is the shared sentiment across the board at TBM.

To put it simply, in addition to the above, the unadulterated joy of working so closely with those who create makes for all the magic we could ask for at TBM!


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